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The openfrontiers of the dark curving routes await the enthusiastic rider. Create your own ride and invite other riders and clubs to join. Browse through available rides, choose theones you like, and chat with the club/ riders.

What is Throttle ?

Throttle is the culmination of the motorcycling community, the spirit of oneness that unites them with other motorcyclists within India as well as around the globe. It brings together passion and experience, providing motorcyclists with a social platform like never before.

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Our Journey

Throttle's journey symbolizes the idea to integrate the world on one single, uniform platform consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle clubs from across the globe.

It all started with a group of motorcyclists who, with a strong desire to provide a channel to motorcyclists and their passion for motorcycling, brainstormed and conceptualized this smart platform that integrates all stakeholders associated with motorcycling. It extended to motorcycle riding clubs and placing equal, if not more emphasis on individual riders. Personal attention was focused on a rider's profile, his wants and needs to gain a better understanding of what a motorcycle enthusiast really seeks from a motorcycling community. This resulted in bringing everyone together into a bigger ecosystem that would co-exist and promote the healthy culture of motorcycle riding globally. It was an attempt to break the taboo of motorcycling as a rich man's sport and unite Motorbike Riders, Clubs, Facilitators, Accessory Providers and Ride Planners across brands and regional boundaries. The result -the uber-cool Throttle App.

The Throttle App is a multi-platform application which every motorcyclist would happily be onboard given its purpose and functionality. Loaded with the most important feature of catering all the needs of a motorcyclist in one place, Throttle will prove to be of great help for every motorcyclist out there. Currently available on android devices and on the web. iOS.Throttle App.

The Team

Why Throttle

Throttle ensures that the curiosity tanks of the riders don't hit the reserve, and there is a constant flow of news and information. This keeps you updated with the activities of the biking world, like what are other riders and Clubs doing? Where are they riding?And so on with just a single click.

Dynamic Carburetor for Interaction

Throttle is a proactive collaboration of like-minded people and groups. It mixes technology and reality in the right proportions to bring it under a single, personal social networking platform that flares up the riders' spirits.

The Biker's Buzz

A motorcycle enthusiast's preferred place to get to know motorcyclists from his city and around the world. It will also enable him/her to be updated with all the news and issues, all things motorcycles and be a part of the buzz created by his network of fellow motorcyclists and clubs. It will help him/her earn bragging rights off the saddle by getting themselves or their clubs rated with other riders and clubs in their city based on Throttle activity levels.


Throttle's spotlight is on each member of the Throttle community and it tries to cater to each his motorcycling needs. It provides a multi-sport holistic experience that goes beyond the norm and plays host to a number of activities like club creation & administration, ride planning and management, conversing with individuals or in groups and the ability to buy or sell motorcycles, accessories, riding apparel from/to fellow enthusiasts.

Sparks -Anywhere, Anytime

Access the Throttle App anytime, anywhere, on any device - there's no stopping you.